Trigger point Therapy

Trigger points are areas of toxin that have gathered in muscle.  Most people normally refer to them as painful knots in the muscles. These trigger points (or knots) occur when the spindles of the muscle experience frequent tension or stress, causing pain in a particular muscle, area of the body or in the spine.  These knots can cause numerous problems including:

·         Sharp pain in the area of the trigger point
·         Dull pain in the area of the trigger point
·         Week muscles or decreased strength in the muscle
·         Referred pain to other parts of your body
·         Decreased range of motion which limits movement
·         Decreased neurological function between the spine and the muscles


We treat trigger points with a multifaceted approach eliminate them:

·         Trigger Point Injection Therapy
·         Manual deep tissue mobilization
·         Exercises to increase range of motion
·         Strapping of the muscle to facilitate healing

Many times other offices will offer one of these treatment options as a stand-alone service but rarely as a combined protocol to change the muscle tissue and have it heal properly. Because they are not combined, optimal results are rarely reached. We demand results and thus we address all the treatment options as one treatment protocol.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Trigger Point Injection Therapy is always performed by a trained medical provider and only take just a few minutes.  We are committed to only using natural medicine and very rarely will we use steroids. Instead, we use lidocaine to decrease the immediate pain in the knot and allow the muscle to be able to move in order to remove the toxins. We can also use a substance called Sarapin. Sarapin is a natural anti-inflammatory extract taken from the leaf and root of the Pitcher plant. Because this medicine is a naturally-derived compound, it has many advantages over the more traditional corticosteroids which are used by many other practices.

Manual deep tissue mobilization

After the Trigger Point Injection Therapy, we have another provider work the muscle using very deep tissue massage by hand or with a tool designed to break up tissue adhesions. Since the muscle is numb, the tissue work (which would normally be painful) is only a pleasant massage feeling. Some massage therapist have said that after a Trigger Point Injection the patient gets the best massage experience they have ever had.

Exercises to increase range of motion

After the muscle is loose and the pain is gone because of the other work done, we get the muscles moving with specific exercises focused on the area that was injected and massaged. This helps move the toxins and helps the healing move much faster.

Strapping of the muscle to facilitate healing

When the muscle is loose, moving, and healing properly, we support the muscle with a proven treatment used in Olympic athletes. Strapping keeps the muscles healing the proper way after you leave the office.


If you would like to see if you would be a candidate for trigger point treatment, please give us a call at 812-230-4070.

This first video is a short explanation and introduction to the trigger point. Many health and pain problems, like frozen shoulder, chronic neck stiffness and migraine are related to trigger points. People can learn how to effectively treat trigger points themselves.

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